Template:Storylink Rampage soon met his old enemy again when Rattrap descended to the bottom of the lake to retrieve the Sentinel module from the wreckage of the Axalon. Primal then lopped off his remaining arm to escape Rampage's grip, disengaged his board, and jammed it into the monster's mouth, leaving it to carry Rampage up into space, stranding him in Energoa's orbit. As the two struggle, they eventually launch weapons. Popular . Template:Storylink, Though a violent sociopath, Rampage was not without compassion. Rampage was absent for much of that, scouting around for their presence. Cutting Edge, When Megatron created Dinobot II, he used Rampage's spark fragment to form the core of the new Predacon, who likewise retained the ability to torture Rampage into continued loyalty with it. Bruton then used the former Predacon's abilities to attack everyone, but Rampage took the blast. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. Traveling with Waspscream's Predacon crew back to the future Cybertron, Protoform X and some of his comrades survived the transformation virus that the escaped Megatron had unleashed upon Cybertron. Rampage welcomes Transmutate, but Silverbolt arrives, and a fight ensues, with Transmutate watching unhappily. When Transmutate was killed by this fight, Rampage bellowed in grief. Ravage judged the attack "impressive", and responded by using the ship's weapons to blow Rampage to pieces. Rampage in the Beast Wars TV Show. With Susan Blu, Jim Byrnes, Garry Chalk, Ian James Corlett. The markings told of a time when the Maximals and Predacons crash-landed on prehistoric Earth, though the stranded Transformers were seen by the protohumans as gods. Transformers Beast Wars Rampage - still in box: Condition: New. After four stellar cycles of chasing the killer, Depth Charge finally captured him and brought him back to Cybertron Template:Storylink - but not before Protoform X destroyed Starbase Rugby and devoured an unknown number of the inhabitants. I am your friend. Rampage was still recovering when two humans showed up, their casual arrogance angering the proto-former enough to rouse him to his feet, until Stiletto restrained him. Rampage attacked Rattrap and Airazor just as they discovered his empty pod, eating Rattrap's tail and almost consuming Airazor, before Primal arrived and freed her by severing Rampage's arm. He recognized the need for such powerful warriors in battle with Unicron and other threats that inevitably arose to unite the Cybertronians in a single goal. Rampage could not forgive the pain he had suffered in life, or the hundreds of victims who died in failed experiments leading up to his creation. The continuing battle drew the attention of Depth Charge, who was seeking revenge for Rampage's previous slaughter of his friends. In the end, Depth Charge got the upper hand, and may well have ended the feud then and there if not for the intervention of Quickstrike, which allowed Rampage to sneak away and destroy Depth Charge's ship. Rampage felt jealousy for Hard Head's situation. In the aftermath, the various factions gathered in Sights and Sounds to discuss terms, which soon turned in arguing until Rampage silenced everyone by declaring Snapper was under his protection, and that he was done with the Resistance, having found a purpose in working with the Ex-Bots. Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals (PS), http://www.allspark.com/forums/topic/92142-a-tale-of-three-rampages/, https://tfwiki.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Rampage_(BW)&oldid=1477060. Here, Rhinox helped acquire a mysterious complement to their cargo, a very large protoform branded with an X. A battle on Earth rages between the benevolent Maximals and the destructive Predacons. As Protoform X lay immobilized, Megatron arrived and, using a blade of pure energon, removed a portion of his indestructible spark. When Rampage came to, it was as one of the interlopers was kicking him, while the other asked her to stop, claiming Rampage was needed, something that irked him mightily. Rampage won even in death, laughing maniacally in triumph as Depth Charge made the final, stabbing blow. Though the Predacons nearly took control of the Ark, Depth Charge arrived at the last moment and drove them back. Rampage action figure from the Transformers - Beast Wars toy series manufactured by Hasbro in 1998. Limited Edition Botcon’s Artist Alley PRINTS Beast Wars, Rampage. Template:Storylink In point of fact, he was criminally insane. Delirious, Though Rampage was sunk into an endless torture, reliving his repeated deaths at the hands of Maximal scientists, he managed to reach out to Trans-Mutate, stuck in her own private hell, and help her pull herself together enough to use her power.