Isn’t it gorgeous? The beautiful eight-course menu is an exploration of Taiwan’s unique terrain and micro-seasons.. Two weeks just isn't enough any more. 3 seconds! You have nothing to lose. I didn’t. Under no circumstances will we be liable for any loss or damage in connection with the use of this website. For more restaurant suggestions, check out our post on 13 Must-Eat Restaurants & Night Markets in Taipei. Raw’s mission is to bring a fresh interpretation of Taiwanese flavours to the table. NINTH COURSE: Fermented Rice, Purple Rice, Toasted Rice. Don’t just sit on that one reservation request hoping you’ll get off the waitlist. RAW (Taipei, TAIWAN) ★★★★★ Like MUME, RAW opened its door in late 2014 to much fanfare and it didn't take long for the restaurant to soar to the top and became the most sought-after restaurant in Taipei. Fine dining fans should of course be no … Raw. Taiwanese-born Chef Andre Chiang, who used to run Restaurant Andre masterminds RAW in Taipei with Executive Chef Alain Huang running the day to day business. 508 872 8200. During his fifteen years there, he would work his way up to the position of chef de cuisine at three Michelin star restaurant Le Jardin des Sens. Your jaw will drop when you see this bar. For our first course, we were treated to a milk dish served in two forms – powder and liquid. Click on the red save button and pin it for later! You might find raw egg yolk, edible flowers and tree resin on the menu alongside local … No. For travel tips to Taipei, check out our First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Taipei, Taiwan. 4.58 Km - 61 Hami Street, Taipei Taipei Night Markets. It’s a matter of time. Raw Restaurant, Taipei PRIMARY FUNCTION: Restaurant INSPIRATION: The inspiration and research started well before we had the opportunity to work with Chef Andre in Taipei. The bold presentation of “bistronomy” cuisine at Raw will challenge your taste buds with unusual ingredients, as well as pleasing the palate with more familiar flavours, although these too are often served with a twist. The Green Guide . It’s a culinary philosophy made up of eight elements – Unique, Pure, Texture, Memory, Salt, South, Artisan, and Terroir. Raw. Posted on Last updated: January 8, 2021 By: Author JB & Renée Macatulad, Categories DESTINATIONS, TAIWAN, THE WORLD'S BEST. In short, it’s accessible fine dining. It is notoriously difficult to get a reservation here, which you need to do via their online booking system. It’s RAW’s take on Taiwanese hotpot or shabu shabu. The owner-chef of the world-famous Restaurant André in Singapore opened Raw in his home town in 2014. Thinking it was “prefect as it is”, Chef Chiang closed its doors permanently on 14 February 2018 to focus on RAW and other projects. Like the Michelin Guide, I now use it as a barometer and compass to find the most highly regarded restaurants in any destination. RAW is located in Zhongshan District in Taipei. P9 is made exclusively for RAW. Aren’t these cups and saucers beautiful? At that time, I didn’t understand how difficult it would be so I sincerely though I’d get it on my first attempt. Presented in a crunchy shell, it’s RAW’s take on French onion soup. Meant to be, or just dumb luck? Our meal lasted about two hours and came out to NTD 4,170 with drinks. 1. At RAW, they serve simple, artful fare using local seasonal ingredients prepared exceptionally well. Gaomei Wetlands and Rainbow Village Tour from Taichung, Taiwan, Addiction Aquatic Development: The Most Amazing Fresh Seafood Market in Taipei, Taiwan, 13 Must-Eat Restaurants & Night Markets in Taipei, First-Timer’s Travel Guide to Taipei, Taiwan. RAW’s stunning interior, anchored by a sculptural bar fashioned from Taiwanese pine. It was opened by Taiwan-born, now Singapore-based celebrity chef, Andre Chiang in late 2014. The 9-course prix-fixe menu showcases chef's creative take on Taiwanese cuisine with the occasional … 9. All rights reserved. RAW Restaurant, Taipei - Duration: 10:05. Tea before dessert. Ren and I love finding the best and most interesting places to eat when we travel, so I’ve become a little obsessed with that 50 Best list. Weapons of mass degustation. FIRST COURSE: Freshest Taiwan Milk. When I was planning my maiden trip to Taiwan, I had 4 restaurants on my to-try-list. Like me, you may just get lucky. Reviewed 14 October 2019 . I’m not a wine drinker so I went with this interesting microbrew called Pilsner 9 to go with my meal. We sat at the "chef table" nearest the kitchen, and had the wonderful … Sliced duck topped with seaweed and served with a side of roasted cauliflower. Ultra thin, delicate slices of sturgeon are neatly arranged on one side of a bowl around a block of crispy puffed rice topped with fresh greens at the center. Raw – a restaurant from the Michelin Guide Find all the information you need on the Raw restaurant: Michelin guide review, user … TWD Dinner @ RAW (Taipei, Taiwan) January 18, 2018 in French by thywhaleliciousfay. Our server poured a broth into our bowls before asking us to mix it all up to eat. Diners are treated to eight courses of "bistronomy", i.e. The menu choice of your reservation has to be at the same price and it cannot be modified after the order is confirmed. The strikingly … Amazing that this is not the number one restaurant in Asia Top 50. From what I've heard, it's notoriously difficult to book a table at RAW. ... (Taipei, Taiwan) Dinner @ RAW (Taipei, Taiwan) Dinner @ Sushi Ryu 鮨 隆 … Chances are, you won’t. Inspired by the bounty of micro-seasonal local produce, Chiang has created experimental reinterpretations of the country’s culinary mainstays, Instead, be proactive and try as many times as you can. You can read our privacy policy and terms of use for more information. Open up the “box” and you’ll find a block of crispy noodles with bok choy. If you try to make a reservation at RAW and get put on the waitlist, then I suggest doing what I did and trying with different dates and time slots using multiple email addresses. And to secure the reservation, one would need to input one’s credit card details. We’ve paid more than that for lesser degustation meals in our native Philippines. With those odds, it’s hard enough for a local to get a reservation, but for a foreigner spending just a few days in Taipei, it sounds almost impossible. The most challenging part is getting a reservation at this beautiful restaurant with great service. ... All reviews biryani naan lamb paan shorba rice prawns cake itc windsor mr jagdish awadhi cuisine raw papaya red wine would love to visit again amazing restaurant set menu amazing food and service ... Dum Pukht Jolly Nabobs is indeed a gastronomic landmark at the ITC Windsor, Bengaluru. FOURTH COURSE: French Onion Soup. UPDATE (30 Dec 2018): A reader informed us that RAW now accepts reservations as early as 60 days in advance (changed from 2 weeks). For example, if you want to eat here on May 14th, then the earliest you can put in a reservation request is on May 1st. They call them “silver fish”? In its fifth edition, Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2016, we have some new surprises from around Asia, but news is, that the list features some of our favourite Indian chefs. Sorry to hear that Helen. For the former, one would need to return the table at 8pm. The 9-course prix-fixe menu showcases chef's creative take on Taiwanese cuisine with the occasional street food influence – expect modern presentation and a stimulating blend of flavours, textures and temperatures. One is Mume, the other is Raw. Cheers! very disappointing. At every seat is a pull-out drawer filled with utensils. North America.