Happy gaming! Heroes and villains alike will need to forget their differences and battle side-by-side against one of the biggest threats the world has ever seen: Ultimus. I do have all of them at 7775 though, which I think would be required to do so. I'm just barely a 4mil TCP roster. MARVEL Strike Force’s epic new feature allows you to deploy your entire roster on a never-before-seen battlefield for big rewards, endless strategy, and limitless possibilities. Marvel Strike Force Beginner’s Guide ... Has a massive AOE and can counter everytime Daredevil is attacked. Marvel Strike Force Tier List – Tier SS – The Best Characters. It’s for this reason that the Sacrifice Strategy being determined ahead of time is really useful — you can avoid charging Thor and get rid of the initial moves of Hela and Loki. Basically it is the 5 Asgardians. Strong Sif: If Sif becomes strong, it can be difficult to take her down. No Loki: If Loki is down, most of the characters with the exception of Sif are pretty soft and damage dealers can nuke them — so a Rocket Racoon, Groot, Star Lord combo and take down a Hela. The logic for selecting which team to attack needs to be addressed. I've punch over 100K on a BO team once with them. O-down for you. Loki + Hela: Be careful on assuming that because all characters are below 50% health that Loki’s stealth is ineffective because Hela’s summons can heal on their death and frequently return team members above 50%. On Turn, clear Stealth from the most injured enemy. Backstop the Black Order with Cull Obsidian: This means you can’t whittle down an opponent slowly because they’ll disappear as a target and then heal up from the inevitable deaths of Hela’s summons. With the introduction of Hela, Sif, and Heimdall in late 2019 along with the buffs to Thor and Loki, the Asgardians immediately became a roadblock for war. You are going to need a lot of gear. The best decision for the Asgardians is to use a sacrifice strategy, but you should also be ready to clean-up an unsuccessful attack. Finally, Loki also has an ult that will stealth the whole team for 2 turns and produce up to 3 clones. The 2-turn defense up mutes that damage along with the heals that come from Hela’s summons really stop them. No matter what you put in def someone will always beat you with lower team. Ebony Maw is a Black Order Support who grants Thanos and the rest of the Black Order everything they need to rule the World of Marvel Strike Force. Marvel Strike Force: Placement Guide. Hard counter to the black order! Thor has 4 charges and he ends up being stealthed. They can function well as a raid team for Alpha on the Cosmic lane and for several nodes on Beta. Close. Discussion. Then again I've found this team can beat pretty much anything I go against when attacking in Arena, and I'm on an old shard. ). So it wasn't a fluke. I can punch up about 50-70K in arena against Black Order teams in Arena with Magneto, Stryfe, Sinister, Mystique, and Emma. I know she has trouble sometimes putting that off down on people, and the 6rs on her probably helps that a ton, let alone most people probably don't have a regular 6ys yoyo. Yes, I know. This is just example, gt 14 and t4s play important role. D-up for them. Section 8 - Raids Last updated: 2020/06/22 In this game, you will come across innumerable characters that you get to watch in Marvel movies. Loki also has a nasty first turn special where he mind controls 2 characters and gives defense down to his target. This can be very painful because you often end up having to target Hela’s summons, healing the team. What I'm about to post is not useful for war, since it breaks up 4 teams. He fortifies his team during battle with a 2-turn Taunt, levels enemies with an Ultimate Attack powered with stacks of Deathproof, and attacks back when Thanos or Ebony Maw are attacked. I haven't built up Stryfe/Mystique/Sabretooth far enough yet to run full Marauders anyway. On the Black Order team, Cull Obsidian grants Thanos the Power Stone and Defense Up on Spawn. Instead hit Cull. It’s not always possible to cleanly take down an Asgardian team, particularly if the defense is higher than any of the appropriate counter meta teams available. Like Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive also teams up … But if BB will go before Emma, then use Yoyo basic on Cull to get another BB assist there. Marvel Strike Force is a turn-based Gacha RPG created by FoxNext (which was then acquired by Scopely) for both Android and iOS. L et’s face it: if you’re a mid-game player of Marvel Strike Force (MSF), with someone with a total collection power (TCP) of under 6 to 7 million, dealing with the Red Skull-led Hydra team in Alliance War is a colossal pain in the ass.. Emma Ult on Cull. And vital to have Emma's ult T4'ed. NON-STANDARD, maybe :Yoyo again. Join your Alliance in an all-out assault on an opposing Alliance’s Helicarrier. This is part 2 of BB guaranteed O-up. Welcome to the best tutorial for Marvel Strike Force. Close. "The Black Order’s Stealth Assassin is also infiltrating MARVEL Strike Force as one of the newest Brawlers. ive been using it ever since. Ultron - Ult into Cull. Archived. If you cleared O-up earlier, then he might not even kill a bot, assuming Yoyo tags the O-down. General Strategy: This strategy is similar to the Marauders 1.0, in that you should follow the same kill order, but the difference lies in the fact that you have to use a team that has a way to also handle Ultron and his summons (e.g. But mostly you have to follow the general order I outlined above. He does some damage and provides some small team benefits, but he primarily benefit from being stealthed by Loki and give Thor charges when he’s attacked. Clear Counter for all enemies. Sif-Thor: You should be careful of Sif-Thor combos because you can end up only being able to target Sif and can get nuked by Thor. Black Order: Hard Counter (New Top Arena Team) - MARVEL Strike Force - MSF MARVEL Strike Force - Black Order: Hard Counter https://twitch.tv/khasino - Daily MSF Streams @ 1pm PDT! It’s important to gauge this team relative to their nominal team power. NON-STANDARD, maybe: PHX... if she's almost dead already, don't special. Slow on Cull is part 1 of BB guaranteed O-up. He is a controller and does most of his damage at moderate levels. ... Invisible Women, Black Bolt. An assault on Earth has begun and Super Heroes and Super Villains are working together to defend it! The game launched globally on the 28th of March, 2018, and is set on the greater Marvel Universe. Asgardians are one of the strongest war defensive metateams. Tier SS are the best of the best characters. The formatting was not what I intended. Detailed turn order for the first couple rounds: NON-STANDARD: Yoyo basic + BB assist:- on Corvus if he's not stealthed, to clear the O-up and limit his first attack- otherwise on Maw, to (hopefully) clear immunity (BB assist) so that Emma special can slow him.- or if you prefer, just nail Cull and get started making him weaker. Phoenix is still basically kicking butt along with Ultron and BB. 1. PHX again (hopefully she didn't go dark yet). 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